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Where were payroll expenses charged?
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The standard hourly rate for undergraduate student workers is $9.25 - $18.00.

Graduate student workers (not with the title of Graduate Assistant) may be paid up to $22.00.

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Employee will work less than 20 hours per week for a term of one year or less.

Temporary: Employee will work 20 or more hours per week for a term of six months or less.
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Alert: Requires a written memo explanation, signed by the Vice President or Dean, as to why the cost transfer is necessary. If an error, please provide a full explanation how this error occurred. If more than 90 days from the original charge date, please explain why the error was not discovered and corrected within the required 90 day time frame.
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Where should payroll expenses be charged in the future?
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*When should this change start? (Either choose a date or enter a time period in the comments section, for ex. 'Move to Project XXX as of the beginning of the Fall semester)
*When should this adjustment start? (Either choose a date or enter a time period in the comments section, for ex. 'Move to Project XXX as of the beginning of the Fall semester)
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Candidate's resume (we can contact the individual directly to get this if needed)
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  Please attach the Summer request form
  Please attach the fully signed contract
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   ETravel:  This is a request to submit an e-travel for out of state or in state overnight travel
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*Dean's Travel?

Please complete the following expense statement after returning from travel and submit original with PI's signature in Depart. Head Approval Location - Expense Statement Form".

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NOTE: All expense statements must be submitted within 8 days of travel, failure to do so may result in non-reimbursement.


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